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​Practicing and teaching Traditional Japanese Reiki since 1997

We are a nationally certified School of Reiki and offer Certified Traditional Japanese Reiki classes in all degrees and levels, as well as additional classes to help deepen and expand your existing Reiki practice.

Whether you choose to become a Reiki professional, or just practice at home on yourself, friends and family, our comprehensive program ensures that you will be well-trained with enough information, tools, and practice time to give you the confidence you need to be the best Reiki practitioner you can be.  To this aim, we provide regular, ongoing monthly Reiki Support meetings, Distant Reiki sessions, Reiki training in all degrees and levels, and other Reiki related events and classes in an online, live, interactive format.

We hope you will join our Reiki Sangha (spiritual community) and share in the extraordinary  joys and benefits that Reiki practice can bring!


We Wish you Peace!

What is Reiki?

About us


Established in 1997, Traditional Japanese Reiki teachings are based upon the practices and principles of Usui Reiki Ryoho as established in 1922 by the founder, Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan, and continued through the teachings of Hyakuten Inamoto, Buddhist Monk and founder of Komyo ReikiDo.

Traditional Japanese Reiki practice places emphasis on spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Reiki Ryoho, aiming for 'satori' or enlightenment.


Even though we are now strictly online, TJR is committed to providing as authentic and live, interactive Reiki training and experience as possible.

Free Reiki Experience and Support

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Cerise LaCore

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Traditional Japanese Reiki

Owner & Founder

Certified Komyo ReikiDo Shihan (teacher)

Everyone needs a little support now and then. Held monthly online in a live, interactive format, Reiki Support/Circles are open to EVERYONE, whether you are a complete newbie, a current practitioner, teacher, or just curious!

  • Interested in or have questions about Reiki?

  • Want to practice with others?

  • Just need a little support?

  • JOIN US!


Held the second Saturday  of every month  1:00-2:00-ish pm {PT} via Zoom. No previous Reiki experience is necessary!




Learn Reiki

​The practice of Reiki Ryoho (hands-on healing) is very easy to learn and is useful as a daily practice for spiritual growth as well as for self-care. The ability to self-treat is especially helpful for people experiencing health issues and to grow or deepen their spirituality. Caregivers, Doctors, and Nurses are also encouraged to learn Reiki to provide supportive, palliative touch for their patients as well as for their friends, family, or own self-care.


Once trained in Reiki, you will have tools to help you deal with lifes challenges in whichever way you choose: for self-treatment in order to maintain balance and good health; as a spiritual practice; to help friends, family, and pets; or to become a professional practitioner, giving Reiki treatments to others.


Many students initially take Reiki training just for self-healing and many find lasting physical relief of symptoms with daily self-treatment. But with continued practice, they also soon find themselves with a calmer, more centered, state of mind, leading to a deepening of their spiritual awareness and a desire to help others by sharing Reiki treatments with friends, family and pets, and frequently just about everything they can get their hands on! 

Reiki Degrees

Shoden (First Level) - Focus is primarily on self-healing, the family and friends, health and happiness, as well as treating others, and on learning how to practice 'Non-attachment.'

Chuden (Second Level) - Focus is on helping others through distant healing and helps the student become more aware of the concept of ‘Non-duality’, and of their connection to and impact upon the world around them. Instruction is given on Japanese techniques, three of the four symbols, and distance healing.

Okuden (Third Level) - Focus is on the spiritual practice of Reiki Ryoho, and developing 'Right Mind' through the practice of mindfulness both in our Reiki practice and in our day-to-day lives. One last symbol is given. Training is intended for Teacher/Shihan candidates, or for practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of Reiki Ryoho and develop their inner growth.

Shinpiden (Teacher/Shihan) - For those who are interested in becoming a Reiki teacher. Shinpiden candidates must be certified by Traditional Japanese Reiki in all levels and complete an apprenticeship program.

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Give the gift ...

Relax and renew your body, mind, and spirit with a refreshing and distant healing Reiki session.


NOTE: Hands-on in-person sessions are not currently being offered due to the pandemic. Please click below to schedule a LIVE Distant Reiki session via Zoom.


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