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教義 Reiki Kyogi (Principles) or Gokai (Five Precepts)

Usui Sensei created the foundation of the Reiki Ryoho practice called the Reiki Kyogi (principles), more commonly referred to as the Gokai (five precepts)*, admonishing his students to meditate upon them daily. In neuroscientific studies, daily meditation has shown to literally rewire brain circuits, boosting both mind and body wellness. These benefits have demonstrated that the brain can be deeply transformed through meditation, creating a state of 'neuroplasticity', (the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.) Meditation (or what you think on constantly) changes the neural pathways to the brain. Daily meditation helps to decrease activation of the amygdala (a structure at the base of the brain that plays a role in processing memory, emotion, stress, and the fight or flight response). This allows the neural pathways of recuperation to become more active, helping to strengthen the immune system, clear the thinking process, and produce a calming, and thereby healing, effect on the entire being.

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​招福の秘法      (Shofuku no hiho)               Secret method to invite happiness

萬病の霊薬      (Manbyo no reiyaku)          Miraculous medicine to cure all diseases

今日丈けは      (Kyo dake wa)                      TODAY ONLY (in everything you do today)

怒るな               (Ikaru na)                              1) ANGER NOT

心配すな          (Shinpai suna)                      2) WORRY NOT

感謝して          (Kansha shite)                      3) WITH THANKFULNESS

業をはげめ      (Gyo wo hageme)               4) WORK/PRACTICE DILIGENTLY

人に親切に      (Hito ni shinsetsu ni)          5) BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS

朝夕                    (Asa yu)                                Morning and evening

合掌して          (Gassho shite)                      Doing Gassho

心に念じ          (Kokoro ni nenji)                   In mind bearing (meditation)

口に唱へよ      (Kuchi ni tonahe yo)           With mouth chant

臼井靈氣療法 (Usui Reiki Ryoho)              Usui Reiki Healing Art

心身改善          (Shinshin Kaizen)                  Mind/Body Improvement

肇 祖                  (Chou so)                               The founder

臼井甕男          (Usui Mikao)                          Mikao Usui

Below is video of Hyakuten Sensei reciting the Gokai
{Many thanks to Komyo ReikiDo Shihan,Victoria Romanova}

*Reiki precepts were based upon a passage in the book 'Kenzen‑no‑genri' (The Principle of Soundness) by Dr. Suzuki Bizan (published December 28, 1914) which read: "Today only, Be not angry, Be not fearful, With honesty, Perform diligently your duty, Be kind to others”

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