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Woman gets 'stoned' and discovers Reiki

About 25 years ago, I had a really bad bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection overnight. It landed me in the hospital on an IV.

Four weeks later after three bouts of antibiotics, my doctor suggested I go in for an ultrasound as I probably had a kidney stone since there was still protein present in my urine. Leaving her office after hearing the news, I was so depressed and felt kind of numb. I wound up wandering around and into the local new age crystal store. There I met a woman who was a Reiki teacher, and she suggested I try Reiki.

I received sessions from her a couple of times a week for about a month. As she worked on my kidneys and renewing my energy, I found myself falling asleep on her table as I melted into the warmth and the healing.

At my ultrasound appointment, much to my surprise, I was told that it looked like I did have a kidney stone at one time (there were traces of one in the ultrasound), but that it seemed to have “disintegrated” on its own!

I knew right then it was because of the Reiki sessions I had been receiving. I was inspired and began taking Reiki classes with the Reiki teacher, and over the course of three years, my husband, teenage daughter, and I completed three levels. My teacher said that we could go at our own pace and to let her know when we were ready for the next level. So we took our time and didn't rush through the degrees in order to really sink into what each degree had to offer before proceeding on to the next. At first, practicing Reiki felt very intense, but after a while it became more natural. Reiki practice shifted and healed me in so many diverse and subtle ways that my life is now forever changed! ~ April M.


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