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Okuden Registration Confirmation

Dear Student:

Thank you for registering for Okuden (Third Degree) live, online, interactive Reiki Certification Class.


  • You will receive a confirmation email shortly with the Zoom class link and passcode.

  • Your manual will be mailed to you via USPS. All necessary class paperwork will be included in the manual, but can also be downloaded at Paperwork will be explained during class

  • Please acknowledge once you are in receipt of the manual, and take some time to read through it prior to class.

  • Online Zoom meeting will start PROMPTLY at 1 pm. Please log on a couple of minutes early to make sure you are running the latest updated version, and test your audio and video to make sure they are working. 5 pm end time is approximate.

  • Upon entry into the meeting, you will be automatically muted. This is to avoid feedback and connectivity issues (like freezing). If I call on you during the meeting, I will automatically unmute you, but then re-mute you once we are done with the conversation.

  • Breaks will be provided throughout the class as needed.

  • If you would like to speak or ask a question, all you need to do is ‘raise your hand’, which I will explain how to do at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Reiki certificates will be mailed after you have completed and returned all the necessary post class requirements. They are listed on the first page of the manual, but we will go over them again during class. Paperwork due dates will be announced during class.

  • Please advise EXACTLY how you would like your name to appear on your certificate.

  • Also keep in mind that since Reiki is such a precious gift to the world and you will now literally have access to the power of the Universe at your fingertips, please be sure to remember to bring a reverent, mindful attitude.


Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing you online!

Namaste' ~ Cerise

Refund policy:

Online class fees are non-refundable. If class has to be cancelled by us for any reason, you will be notified and refunded any monies paid within 30 days of the class date. You also have the option to take the class at a later date.

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