Reiki Practitioner Directory

Sometimes it's difficult to know what to look for in a Reiki practitioner. Below is a list of practitioners who have been certified through our school, so you can rest assured that the practitioner is well-trained and well-experienced.

Are you a graduate of our school,  and would like to be listed* in this directory?:
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*NOTE: You must be a graduate of our Reiki school in order to be listed. Reiki certification level will be noted only to the degree at which you are certified through us. For example, if you graduated at Shoden level with us, but are certified to other degrees from another teacher or school, you will only be listed at Shoden level here. However, prospective clients will be directed to whatever contact information you provide and they can discover what you offer from there.




Traditional Japanese Reiki

Contact: Cerise LaCore
Reiki certification level:  Certified Traditional Japanese Reiki Shihan (teacher)

Offerings: Distant Reiki Sessions, Online Ceritifed Reiki Classes


Phone: 530-691-1234



Reiki for the Actor

Contact:  Ashlee Temple

Reiki certification level: Okuden (3rd) degree

Offerings: Workshops, classes, and individual sessions  for the actor, performer, and public speaker

Website: ReikifortheActor

Phone: 415-846-8618



Reiki Sunrise

Contact: Alex Polischuk

Reiki certification level: Current Shinpiden student (Shihan in training)

Offerings: Distant Reiki Sessions

Website: (under construction)

Phone: (916) 572-4808




Earth Sol Reiki

Contact: Amber King de Martinez

Reiki certification level: Current Shinpiden student (Shihan in training)

Offerings: In office hands-on (Sun & Mon), & Mobile (Tues-Sat) Massage & Reiki sessions, & Distant Reiki Sessions.
Office Address: 1479 S. Wells Ave., Suite 3, Reno NV 89502

Website: (under construction)

Phone: (510) 754-3697