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As we are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 pandemic response, all Reiki Circles and Student Support meetings will be held online via Zoom until further notice.


Free Community Reiki Circle - now held online! Click here for more info.

Reiki circle Jan 2020.jpg

"Come, come, whoever you are

Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving

It doesn't matter

Ours is not a caravan of despair

Come, even if you have broken your vow a thousand times

Come, yet again, come, come"

​ ~Inscribed on Rumi's Shrine in Konya, Turkey

Held the First Friday of Every Month

7 pm to 9 pm 

  Reiki Circles are open to EVERYONE, whether you are a practitioner, teacher, or just curious!!

Reiki Circles are fun and joyous social occasions!

Talking, laughing, and asking questions is encouraged.

​So, spread the news to your friends and neighbors!

This will be a night of talking, laughing, crying, learning,

sharing Reiki with each other, and generally hanging out.

 2020 Reiki Circle Dates

​Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Response,

no Reiki Circle in April, May, or June.

We will reassess if the situation changes.
Jul 10th**
Aug 7th
Sep 4th
Oct 2nd
Nov 6th
Dec 4th

Reiki Circles are supported by your $10 per person suggested gratitude offering.

NO one will be turned away for lack of funds.


No previous Reiki experience is necessary!

Please join us!

**NOTE: Date change due to holiday weekend

What's a Reiki Circle?

  • A Reiki Circle is an opportunity to practice and learn about Reiki. No experience is necessary to attend.

  • All participants are offered 'Open' Reiju* (attunement) in order to either deepen their existing Reiki practice or to experience giving and receiving Reiki for the first time.

  • For newcomers with no previous Reiki experience, it is a great way to be introduced to how Reiki works as well to experience both giving and receiving Reiki.

  • For existing Reiki students and teachers, it is an opportunity to gain more experience as a practitioner, as well as connect with fellow students, your Reiki teacher, and other members of the local Reiki community. All lineages are welcome to attend!

What can I expect?

  • We start out with introductions, and share news and upcoming events. Cell phones should be 'silenced' at this time.

  • If there is a graduating class, we celebrate as students receive their certificates with applause, congratulations, and CAKE!

  • Then 'Open' Reiju* (attunement) is given individually to each participant.

  • Next, we do 'Mawashi'. ('Mawashi' is Japanese word that means 'Circle' and where the term 'Reiki Circle' originates from.) During Mawashi, participants stand, facing each other, in a circle. We raise our hands to the Reiki energy, then bring our hands down, holding the left palm upward-facing under the right palm of the person to their left, and the right palm downward-facing over the left palm of the person to their right. No physical contact is made and participants keep their hands an inch or two apart. - in this way, all participants are 'entrained' or connected, forming an unbroken energetic chain, or 'circle.' Hand positions are then switched.

  • Starting with the person directly left of the Shihan (teacher), each participant will sit briefly on a stool in the center of the circle, while everyone else 'beams' Reiki energy at them. This is an AMAZING experience, NOT to be missed!!!

  • Then, we set up the massage tables and bring out stools, chairs, blankets, pillows, and bolsters. One person will lie on the table for approx 10-15 minutes, while several others lay gentle Reiki healing hands on, or just above them. Each person will have the opportunity to be on the table. This way everyone will be able to experience both giving and receiving Reiki. Once everyone has had their turn on the table, tables are folded back up and put away along with the chairs, stools, blankets, etc.

  • We end the Circle with closing Mawashi, but this time, no one sits in the center.


​What should I bring/wear?

  • Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and be free of excess jewelry.

  • Comfort items, such as blankets, pillows, bolsters etc. are already on site and will be provided, but if you have something special you like, feel free to bring it!

How much does it cost?

  • Reiki Circles are FREE to attend, but a $10 per person suggested donation is GREATLY appreciated to help keep the lights on and the doors open. NO ONE is turned away for lack of funds.

Student Reiki Exchange - now held online! Click here for more info.

Saturdays, 1:00 pm
2020 Dates:
Due to COVID-19, Student Support Meetings are now held via Zoom the first Saturday of every month
FREE online!
1:00 pm PST
EMAIL US for link & password
Sept 26th
Dec 19th



  • You MUST be an ARC ONLY student.


  • A minimum of 6 registered students is needed in order to hold the exchange.

  • Maximum attendee amount is 10, so be sure to REGISTER EARLY!!!

  • Cost:  $45 per person



Registration fee is non-refundable. If  minimum attendee has not been met, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule. In which case, attendees have the choice of either rescheduling to a future event, or a full refund. Registrants must give 7 days cancellation notice to receive refund, less any fees if applicable.

No matter how much time is alloted in class, it never seems to be enough for hands-on practice! So we've set up Student Reiki Exchange in an effort to help those who find that they just aren’t able to get enough opportunity (or bodies) for one-on-one hands-on practice, or for those who just want to develop and/or sharpen their skills.

  • There will be a Q&A session with the teacher beforehand to ask questions, share experiences, or voice concerns.

  • We will also review the hand protocol before students begin practicing on one another.


Student Reiki Exchange is open to ARC students ONLY (sorry everyone else.) Participants will be working/practicing on each other but instead of a short 10-15 minute Shudan (group) 'taste' of Reiki as in Reiki Circle, students will be able to exchange a FULL hour session with each other in order to practice their hands-on positions and skills. The teacher will be there to give helpful advice and tips and act in a generally teacherly-like capacity, but will not be participating in working on students. This is for STUDENTS to exchange with each other!

Student Reiki Exchange is a GREAT way to:


  • Get to know your fellow ARC students.

  • Exchange ideas and experiences.

  • Ask questions or voice concerns with your teacher.

  • Get hands-on practice using the protocol.

  • Give and receive an entire Reiki session.

  • AND have some fun!

* ‘Open’ Reiju is given only during a non-initiatory practice such as a Reiki Circle/Share, and is not the same as the deeper, more ritualized Reiju that is received in a class. It is used simply as a way of boosting sensitivity, enabling the individual to experience the feel of the energy more deeply, and to interact with it more effectively. It is also given at every single meeting between student and teacher, at the student’s request.

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