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Cerise LaCore

Traditional Japanese Reiki

(formerly known as Auburn Reiki Center), Owner & Founder

Certified Komyo ReikiDo Shihan (teacher)


  • Mikao Usui  (founder Usui Reiki Ryoho)

  • Chujiro Hayashi

  • Chiyoko Yamaguchi

  • Hyakuten Inamoto (founder Komyo ReikiDo)

  • Cerise LaCore (owner/founder Traditional Japanese Reiki )

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About the Owner/Shihan (teacher)

Cerise LaCore is the owner and founder of Traditional Japanese Reiki. Cerise first studied Reiki in the early 1990's and received a very good foundation in western-style Reiki. She began teaching in 1997. Several years later she met and studied with Japanese Buddhist Monk, Hyakuten Inamoto, the founder of Komyo ReikiDo, and became a Certified Komyo ReikiDo Shihan (teacher). As she prefers the more spiritual emphasis of the Japanese style, Cerise now teaches the Traditional Japanese Reiki style exclusively.

In addition to providing individual distant Reiki sessions, teaching certified Reiki classes, and leading Reiki support groups in a live, online, interactive format, Cerise is also a state certified massage therapist as well as a practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy.

She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health with a Certification in Homeopathy. Cerise also holds a Doctorate in Divinity from Universal Life Ministries. She and her family live off-grid on 40 acres of land on a mountain-top at 3,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada foothills. She is an avid organic gardener and herbalist, canning, drying, and preserving a lot of her family's food and natural medicines, and strives to live as environmentally earth-friendly a life-style as possible.

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